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The Complex:

   WARNING: The Complex is intended for advanced paintball players only! Close quarters combat presents a risk of being eliminated within the 10' mercy distance, and may cause welts or bruising. Play at your own risk. We ask that all players using this field have played paintball before, and understand the risks involved in this type of play.

   One of the owner's dream fields has become a reality! The complex was designed to provide players with a more realistic opportunity for play, and requires intense strategy before and during play. Using SWAT / CQB tactics to clear rooms gives you the perfect chance to use grenades in this realistic scenario. The Complex allows pistol users the upper hand, and allows for new VIP, secure the hostage, and search and rescue type games.

   Designed for up to 8 on 8, this field gives players the nervous feeling from start to finish, never knowing where or when you will be eliminated. Players are restricted to 200 rounds on their person per game, making it a fair playing field for those sporting pistols, pumps, and grenades.

   Field Setup: Teams should start in house trailers on opposite sides of the field, and all players should be inside the trailers before the game commences (they can jump out immediately after the game begins). If a hostage game is planned, the rescuers should be inside a trailer with limited visibility of the field, the hostage takers and hostage can then find anywhere they please to start.

   Game Types: Anything is a go on this field: standard elimination, hostage rescue, attack/defend, capture the flag, and bomb the base.

   Paintball Tip: Smoke screens are really effective if placed in the proper areas, but also restrict your own team from advancing past these positions. Think wisely before throwing it too close to your own position.

   Winning Strategy Don't be afraid to hunker down inside the trailers watching a zone for action, but remember: there's always a few ways into every building!

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