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Fun at Splatters

Group Firepit Areas

   There are 4 full service firepits and 2 half service firepits available to groups of any size, providing a great place to wind down after an adrenaline filled day. Firewood is provided FREE of charge, as well as roasting sticks! Each full service firepit includes a large tent with picnic tables underneath (to put your food/drinks/condiments on), as well as benches for seating 15-25 players, while the half service firepits only have picnic tables and benches. We do not have a BBQ on site, but groups can feel free to bring their own if wiener roasting sticks are not prefered.

   The firepits are available to any groups, but may not be available until your group is almost finished playing. We do NOT allow groups to have lunch or supper during their paintballing session, but require the rental equipment to be returned prior to emjoying a firepit area in order to be able to reuse that equipment for the next visiting group.

   While the playing fields close down at sundown, the firepits remain open as long as you want. The staging area provides lights to guide you to and from the washrooms, and there is no required time that you have to be leaving the firepit areas.


   Alcohol is allowed at the firepit area, but must not be consumed until after play is finished for the day and the paintball equipment has been returned. Splatters does not sell alcohol.

Kids Playground

   We understand that the 7+ age requirement leaves some younger ones with less to do, so we put in a massive playground just for them!

The playground

Wifi (Wireless Internet):

   Splatters serves public WIFI to the ENTIRE park! Whether you are sitting on the bleachers watching paintball, or at the firepits, or even at the far end of the Golf Driving Range, WIFI is available!

Beach Volleyball Court

   The very best sand was brought in to make the beach volleyball court the softest one ever! Splatters provides the ball for your groups use.

The volleyball court

Indoor Staging Areas

   The Splatters Paintball Park in New Bothwell features a MASSIVE indoor staging area to host 100+ players out of the sun and elements. There is plenty of tables for the players to put their gear, paintballs, and drinks/snacks on while they are playing. This allows gear and paintballs to stay out of the sun while players are refilling and refueling.

   A view of the customer service windows, where the waivers are handed in, gear is handed out, and concessions are purchased:

The staging area, where players can regroup and collect their breath between games

Concessions Available:

Cold Drinks for sale include:

  • Wide Variety of Canned pop
  • Cold Bottled Water
  • Gatorade
  • Jones Soda
  • Bawls Energy Drinks
  • Rockstar Energy Drinks

Snacks for sale include:

  • Variety of Chips
  • Beef Jerky
  • Ice Cream Treats / Freezies
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Skittles


   Splatters has gender specific washrooms that are super clean and brightly lit. The men's washroom also has a shower (bring your own soap & towels). Women: yes, these washrooms are GUARANTEED to be clean!

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