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Walk-ons (Groups of less than 8 players)

   Players who do not have a group of 8 or more are considered walk-ons. Walk-Ons are now welcome any Saturday or Sunday during regular hours, and are a great way for players to meet new people, play against great competition, while providing the "no-notice", "show-up-and-play" that many of today's players need.

   Don't have a group of 8 or more friends, but want to play anyways?

1) Play with the Splatters Recreational League (Sundays 1pm-5pm), or
2) Any Friday (4pm to dark), Saturday (10am to dark), or Sunday (1pm to dark), come to the park to play with whoever is at the park at that time, or
3) Join us for a special Public Event, or
4) Call Splatters at 204.388.BALL (2255) or email to see when the weekday reservations are, so you can play at the same time.

Why Make A Reservation?

   Making a reservation ensures that your group will have enough rental equipment for all the players, and ensures we will provide proper staffing on the field. Splatters has 125 sets of rental equipment, each set includes a Tippmann 98 ACT rental marker (gun), a safety mask (helmet), and unlimited High Pressure Air (HPA).

   Although Splatters is open during the week, we require a reservation. It would be far too costly to have multiple staff ready all week if there are no players at the park. By making a reservation, you can be assured that there will be sufficient staff, and that the park will be ready to use (between the constant construction and improvements to the fields for example).

   When making a reservation, we need to know:
1) Name of Contact Person,
2) Contact's Phone Number,
3) Rough number of players,
4) Date and Start Time of booking, and
5) If age of players is under 10, Low Impact must be selected.

   No Deposits are required to make your reservation!

How to Make a Reservation

   You can make a reservation by:
1) Reserving Online using the applicable group page below, or
2) Calling 204-388-BALL (2255) (leave a message, it will be returned), or
3) E-mailing

   For more information on a specific group event, choose your category:

Birthday Parties Corporate Team Building Events Sports Team Windups Youth Group & Church Events Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties Just For Fun Group

Minimum Age - NEW for 2017!

   The minimum age of participants is now 7 years old! We've introduced LOW IMPACT paintball for those ages 7 to 11, to allow younger players to enjoy the adrenaline without any pain! Full details here: LOW IMPACT Paintball

   If you are under 18, it is a good idea to have a waiver signed before you arrive, as this speeds up the registration process greatly.

New Low Impact Paintball

Multiple Groups at a Time

   When your group is at Splatters, you will have access to all the Recreational fields at any time. Due to the nature of having 5 separate rec fields, groups can freely play through whichever fields they want to. When you make a reservation, your group will very likely be at the park with many other groups, but you will not be required to play with or against other groups, unless your group is very small, and the park is at or almost at capacity. Saturdays from 1pm to 5pm are the busiest periods at the park, if you crave more space for your group, choosing a time other than 1-5 on Saturdays would be a wise idea.

What to Wear

   Splatters DOES NOT have coveralls to rent. We recommend wearing whatever it is you would wear to play outdoor sports or mow lawn. Paintballs wash out COMPLETELY, but: those grass and dirt stains may cause some grief! Long sleeves, full length pants, and a hat or toque is your best choice in clothing, but remember, don't wear too much: you'll get super sweaty!


   The waiver is available to download here: DOC Logo .doc format PDF Logo .pdf format

   All participants MUST sign a waiver before they can play, even those over the age of 18. Waivers are also available at the field. Any parent or guardian can sign for those under age 18.

Upcoming Public Events

   The Splatters Public Events Page has all the news on the exciting events organized by Splatters and open to the public! Interested in playing at night, with pyro technics and fog machines? Check out the Public Events Page!

Who Should Make A Reservation?

- Groups larger than 12 players on weekends - recommended for any group of 8+ players just to guarantee we will have enough equipment set aside for your group
- If you are planning to play during the weekdays - Monday - Friday. We require 8+ players
- If your group is planning to use one of the 4 firepits

   Minimum participants required for making a reservation is 8. If you have fewer than 8 people, please refer to the "Walk-Ons" section above.

Hours of Operation - Paintball (Spring till October 31st)

Monday - Friday: Open 10am - dark by reservation only
Friday Evening: Open 4pm - dark
Saturday: Open 10am - dark
Sunday: Open 1pm - dark

Hours of Operation - Driving Range (Spring till September 30th
   The driving range closes before the paintball fields in Fall)

Monday - Sunday: 7am to dark: Cash Only
Friday: Open 4pm - dark: Debit/Credit as well
Saturday: Open 10am - dark: Debit/Credit as well
Sunday: Open 1pm - dark: Debit/Credit as well


   Splatters rarely cancels due to weather related events. Drizzle doesn't affect your paintball experience greatly, thanks to the incredible staging area keeping you completely dry between games. If it is raining on the day of your reservation, please call for a weather update before cancelling, as the weather is often different from here to even Winnipeg.

   If your group must cancel, please give more than 24 hours notice. If cancelling has to do with weather, a shorter notice period is completely understandable.

   If your group does not notify us that you are no longer able to make it for the reservation, we reserve the right to charge a deposit the next time a reservation is made. We try to give you the benefit of the doubt, but cancelling without notifying us only costs us more in labour, effectively raising your cost of enjoyment. We thank you for your cooperation.

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