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Fun at Splatters

The Urban Field, #2

   The Second Urban Field provides a urban industrial setting, with many strategies possible. The introduction of the large crates provides plenty of height to this field, creating many blind zones and ways for players to snake through the middle of the field undetected.

   Field Setup: Includes about 15 cars, 8 buildings, a ton of large wooden crates, and is setup to imitate a back industrial work yard. Square in shape, almost symetrical. No single team has an advantage.

   Game Types: This field is designed for 2 teams, standard elimination. This field works well front to back and side to side, for two completely different experiences.

   Paintball Tip: Expose as little as possible when shooting at the opponent, in order to make it hard for them to hit you back!

   Winning Strategy Send a few sneaky quiet fellows up the middle, it's amazing what you can find when everyone forgets about them!

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