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Fun at Splatters

The Urban Field, #1

   The Urban Field provides a great adrenaline ride, and a great place for new players to start. We highly recommend this field as the starter field for all groups, as players can be aggressive or defensive and still see plenty of action.

   Field Setup: Includes about 15 cars, 10 buildings, a full size house trailer, and is setup to imitate a small town. Square in shape, with one side starting behind the trailer. Definite advantage to the team starting in the trailer if the teams are new players.

   Game Types: This field is designed for 2 teams. Standard elimination, attack and defend (the house trailer fort), and capture the flag work great. This field works well front to back and side to side, for two completely different experiences.

   Paintball Tip: Don't be afraid to move up the field, it's usually the more aggressive team that gets the good field positions and wins the game!

   Winning Strategy Keep up to your teammates, don't let them go up alone, to get eliminated alone! To clear the house trailer fort, paint grenades work great as well!

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