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The Splatters Rec League for Equipment Owners

What's the deal?

   Here's the Rec League and Rec League Elite promo video from 2015, we'll be updating it shortly! Keep in mind, we've since integrated Elite squads and missions into regular games, so Elite players have special perks and missions throughout the day!

For Who:

   Anyone can play in the league, members, walk-ons, renters, and friends. There are no player restrictions (we recommend ages 12+). You DO NOT need to be a Splatters member to play with the Rec League, memberships only reduce prices (membership info here: Membership Information). You can play with Rec League with or without your own equipment, however most players are equipment owners.

What is it?

   The Splatters Recreational League is designed for players who love the adrenaline rush, camaraderie, and good sportsmanship of paintball, and want to play on a regular basis. The Rec League welcomes all players into the excitement filled atmosphere, while teaching the new players the basics, and the seasoned players leadership.

Where is it?

   The Rec League meets at the Splatters Paintball Park. All the rec fields will be used, including the Urban Field, the Castle Field, the School Bus (Heli) Field, and the Complex Field.

   The Leadership team will be responsible for the creation of game types and missions to be played during the Rec League timeslot. If you would like to help organize these games, please look into becoming a Leader.

When does this go down?

   The League officially meets most Sundays, from 1pm to 5pm. Exact dates are listed with the other Public Events, HERE, that Rec League players are encouraged to join are listed, including the Night Games and the Massive Missions Game.


   Arrive, setup, and chrono. Receive directions, play games, win or lose, eat and share!
- Arrival & Equipment Setup: 1pm
- First Game Starts: 1:45pm
- Last Game Ends: 5pm
- Supper Starts: 5:15pm
   Wieners, buns, condiments, and chips will be provided by Splatters. A great chance to meet other players off the field!

Rec League Scoring & Points:

   The Rec League requires good values, and rewards the same.

- Wins: 5pts
- Loss: 3pts
- Limited Ammo: 1pt Bonus!
All points are handed out by the refs and Rec League staff on hand. Points are accumulated to gain rank.
PER DAY, handed out overall:
- Epic Win Move: 5pts
- Epic Win 2nd Star: 3pts
- Epic Fail: 3pts
- Best Mentor: 5pts
PER SEASON, handed out overall:
- Most Improved: Medal
- Best Mentor: Medal
- Best General: Medal
- Vintage Equipment Player: Medal

Join the Leadership Team?

   If you are interested in joining our Rec League Leadership team for the 2015 season, E-mail

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