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Fun at Splatters

The School Bus Field

   The School Bus Field is dedicated to capture the flag type games, with a massive helicopter in the middle of the hill surrounded by 3 large buses. This field allows for easy and fair 3-team strategies, as opposed to the 2 or 4 team layout for the castle and urban fields. 3 teams, one flag, complete insanity!

   Helicopter Details: Sikorsky HH-34J "Choctaw", S/N 148942. Crew: 3. Engine: Wright R-1820-84 Cyclone Radial, 1,525 Horsepower. Main Rotor: 56' 0". Length: 46' 9". Height: 14' 13.5". Weight Empty: 8,410 lbs. Weight Max: 14,000 lbs. Speed: 98mph cruise, 123 mph max. Original Cost: $425,000.

Sikorsky Helicopter

   Helicopter History: This HH-34J was originally manufactured as an SH-34J by Sikorsky Aircraft in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and delivered to the U.S. Navy in the 1960s. It was one of fourteen aircraft later transferred from Navy storage to the Air Force as HH-34J Search-And-Rescue ships. The aircraft was operated by the 302nd Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron, Air Force Reserve, located at Portland International Airport, Oregon. It operated with the 302nd for the majority of its Air Force service. There were five rescue squadrons in the Air Force Reserve and three of them (301st ARRS at Homestead AFB, Florida; 302nd ARRS at Luke AFB, Arizona; and 304th ARRS at Portland, Oregon) were assigned the Choctaw as an interim machine in which to transition from the fixed-wing environment of the Grumman HU-16 Albatross to the rotary-wing world of the Air Force's rescue version of the Bell HH-1 Huey. The HH-34s retained the auto-hover equipment originally installed for their Navy anti-submarine warfare mission, making them very steady platforms for hoist deployment and recovery of personnel.

   Field Setup: 3 large school buses surrounding a hill, arranged in a triangle shape. The Heli is located at the peak of the hill, by grabbing the flag and returning to your home bus, your team will gain victory! You can also play King of the Hill or VIP games using the Heli!

   Game Types: This field is designed for 3 teams capture the flag, King of the Hill, or Hostage Rescue. For two team games, pick any 2 of the 3 buses to start. Generally, all players should have their feet all inside the bus to begin the game.

   Paintball Tip: Ensure all players beside you are your teammates, it's quite easy to lose focus of the big picture and be eliminated by someone in plain view!

   Winning Strategy With 3 teams: try to force one team out of play early to gain the territory they once had. With 2 teams: take the third bus to control the majority of the field, but NEVER forget about guarding that Heli!

Sikorsky Helicopter

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