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Fun at Splatters

The Amazing Playing Fields at Splatters:

   The Outdoor playing fields at Splatters are simply stunning! From the MASSIVE 2 story castle to a 48' long Sikorsky military helicopter, the 30 acres of developed park is Manitoba's largest developed paintball park! The outdoor fields were designed to suit any group size from 8 to 100 players per field and any style of play, with a maximum occupancy of 150 players at at time! We are proud to keep up the best maintained park in Central Canada, from the parking lots to the group firepit areas to the 30 acres of playing fields and 8 acres of driving range, we mow and clean corner to corner. There is no "ICK" from old paintballs, no garbage blowing around, and the ability to be free to enjoy the true outdoors, outside the boundaries of Winnipeg!

   When your group is at Splatters, you will have access to all the outdoor playing fields at any time. Due to the nature of having 5 separate fields, groups can freely play through whichever fields they want to. When you make a reservation, your group will very likely be at the park with many other groups, but you will not be required to play with or against other groups.

To see more details and pictures of the amazing playing fields, click on a thumbnail!

Urban 1 Field Thumbnail <--Urban 1

Urban 2-->
Urban 2 Field Thumbnail
School Bus Field Thumbnail <--The Bus &
            Heli Field

The Castle-->
The Castle Field Thumbnail
The Complex Field Thumbnail <--The Complex

The Golf Driving Range <--Golf Driving Range
Definitely not for playing paintball on.... Featuring Real Grass or Artificial Turf!

Have your own equipment? Check out the Rec League:

The Splatters Elite

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