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New for 2017: LOW IMPACT Paintball

What's the deal?

   For a long time, paintball has been considered PAIN-tball, with a big warning to new players of the PAIN that paintball brings. While standard paintball does have a bit of a sting (which encourages players NOT to be shot, it's a very important part of the game), young players are led to believe the pain is far more than it really is. Although this is typically brought about by experienced players who want to feel tough and cool before they arrive at the field, this attitude leads new players to anxiety. Thus Low Impact paintball was created! There is also an incredibly overwhelming fear for young players when being chased with a standard paintball marker, but the introduction of Low Impact paintball and the visibly weakened Low Impact paintball shot significantly reduces that fear.

For Who:

   Low Impact paintball lowers the age permitted to play from 10 years old to 7 years old. We encourage any group aged 10 to 13 that has paintball anxiety to use the Low Impact paintball instead of standard paintball to help ease them into what paintball is all about. Yes, we will let all ages use it, but there are some down sides to Low Impact as well, see below for details. When your group chooses Low Impact, the entire group has to use the same Low Impact equipment, you cannot mix and match or the entire point of the lessened paintball force will be lost in who is shooting at who. Because Splatters only has 25 of the Low Impact markers available, advanced reservations are greatly encouranged to ensure there are available equipment when you arrive (as compared to the 125 standard paintball markers available).

What's The Science Behind Low Impact?

   Standard paintballs are 68cal (68 calibur or 0.68 of one inch in diameter), Low Impact paintballs are 50cal (50 calibur or 0.50 of one inch in diameter). Although the difference doesn't sound like much (about 1/6th smaller in diameter), the volume is significantly smaller. 68cal has a volume of 0.1646 cubic inches, while the 50cal has a volume of 0.0655 cubic inches. Plain English: the 68cal paintball has about 2.5 times the volume. Weight wise, standard paintballs are about 3.2 grams, while Low Impact paintballs are about 1.2 grams. 68cal paintballs are shot at 280fps (feet per second), while 50cal are shot between 220 and 250fps. Add the volume difference to the difference of velocity, and you have a much lower impact force in Low Impact paintball, about 25% of the original force!

What are the benefits of Low Impact vs Standard Paintball?

1) The pain of being hit is much lower, about 25% of what a standard paintball!
2) The markers for the 50cal paint are smaller, easier for young players to hold.
3) The paintballs are much smaller, making the hopper smaller and much lighter to hold.
4) Less compressed air is required to shoot a 50cal paintball, so the air tanks can be much smaller and lighter.

What are the downsides to Low Impact vs Standard Paintball?

1) Wind affects Low Impact paintballs significantly more than standard paintballs, because the ball is so much lighter. Players who are shooting large distances (as they would on the Castle field for example) would have a much more difficult chance of hitting their targets.
2) Low Impact paintballs do not shoot as far, as they don't have the same velocity. Players require closer distances to their opponents, which may be difficult mentally for some new players.
3) Much smaller splat of color, which has a much lower satisfaction rating when shooting at items at the park as well as opponents!

Try the Low Impact Paintball Option!

   If you are interested in trying the Low Impact paintball option, make sure you include that option when registering on the Group Reservations Page.

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