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Welcome to the New Splatters Gear Shop!

And now, in the Fall of 2017, Splatters Paintball announces the new Gear Shop! A retail store for all your paintball needs, specializing in finding you gear that not only looks great but functions just the same! Equipment repairs, tech classes, and assistance from experienced paintball staff will make your visit to the Splatters Paintball Gear Shop exciting and educational! Find us at 1615 St Mary's Road, Winnipeg, or call us at 204-478-1272!

Splatters Paintball Gear Shop Goals:

-Provide an unparalleled paintball retail experience, including the ability to hold and even shoot equipment before purchasing
-Offer tech classes by vendor or product to educate equipment owners on equipment maintenance and repair
-To repair and maintenance of customer equipment completed by experienced paintball technicians to the highest standards
-Be the one stop shop for all paintball products with the ability to order parts, accessories, and equipment we don’t have in stock
-To chat about paintball, paintball experiences, game ideas, Rec League, etc, to create an awesome paintball environment for all customers

Splatters Gear Shop Retail Store

Physical Address:

Unit 102, 1615 St Mary's Rd
Winnipeg, MB, R2M 3W8

Street View of the Gear Shop:

Gear Shop Street View

Hours of Operation - Gear Shop (Open Year Round)

Wednesday - Friday: Open Noon - 9pm
Saturday: Open 10am - 9pm
Sunday - Tuesday: Closed


Gear Shop Specific Line:


Paintball Park Specific Line:

204-388-BALL (2255)


Product Inquiries or Technical Assistance:

Reservations & General Info (& Social Donations):

Gear Shop Tech/Repair Information:

Terms and Conditions

Technician Work Warranty: Our guarantee to you is that we will service or fix your paintball equipment appropriately. Splatters Paintball Gear Shop guarantees all service work completed by our technicians for 90 days. If the original issue resurfaces within this time period, you may bring in your defective equipment and a copy of the work order and our technicians will service your equipment free of charge.

Abandoned Merchandise: If your equipment is not picked up within 6 months after tech completion, the item(s) will become property of Splatters Paintball Gear Shop.

Labour Charges:

A minimum $15.00 labour charge applies to all technician work done at Splatters Paintball Gear Shop at a rate of $15.00 per 15 minutes. Our technicians will round up or down to the nearest time increment based on how long the job takes them. We guarantee that our technicians will complete all work in the most efficient time period as possible while maintaining our high quality service.

Splatters Gear Shop Does Consignment!

Because Splatters Gear Shop's goal is to provide the gear to fully enjoy the Splatters Park, we sell both New AND Used paintball equipment! If you want to upgrade equipment but don't want the hastle of selling your old gear on your own, we can help! Due to the number of players through the Gear Shop, we can ensure your gear is cleaned up and presented in good working order to the next potential equipment owner! Ask staff for details!

History of the Gear Shop:

After receiving the news from Badlands Paintball ( that their Winnipeg retail location (located at 1062 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB) was set to close within 30 days. This news was devastating to the Winnipeg paintball community, and plans for Splatters to fill the role of Winnipeg’s premier paintball retailer were quickly fleshed out. Splatters signed a lease on property just 2 blocks south of St Vital mall due to the proximity to the Splatters Paintball Park, and to avoid direct competition with our friends over at Paintball Paradise (

The Splatters Gear Shop was designed with new players in mind, with a great selection of new and used (consignment) paintball guns (markers), masks, tanks, and more. Our promise to our customers is to bring in what we don't carry that customers are looking to pickup, while standing behind these products with a warranty second to none.

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