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Fun at Splatters

The Golf Driving Range

   Splatters is proud to announce the opening of a new Golf Driving Range at the Splatters Paintball Park! For all those players who are not interested in, or are not physically capable of playing paintball, there are now options!

   The Splatters Driving Range is perfect for the not-so-perfect golfer! Anyone is welcome to play, regardless of your age, what you are wearing, the kind of shoes you are using, etc!

   The driving range is 305 yards long from tee to back netting, fully netted, and features 2 target greens. Golfers can tee off from either golf turn hitting mats or from real grass turf, allowing you to practice on what you play on!

Season Pass:

$50 From August 1st to September 30th!

   Hit as many balls as you want to from now till we close in Fall!! This membership allows EVERYONE living in your household to golf for free for the rest of the season!! Any bucket size, any time!

Bucket Prices:

Small Bucket (roughly 50 balls): $6
Large Bucket (roughly 80 balls): $8
Jumbo Bucket (roughly 120 balls): $10
Bag (Set) of Rental Clubs: Free

   Splatters accepts all forms of payment on Weekends, Cash Only during the weekdays, unless you call ahead to confirm staff will be around!

Range Hours:

   Monday to Friday: 7am to Dark, Cash Only
   Saturday: 10am to Dark; Cash, Debit, Credit, or Cheque. Before 10am, Cash Only.
   Sunday: 1pm to Dark; Cash, Debit, Credit, or Cheque. Before 1pm Cash Only.
   MEMBERS: 24/7, FREE anytime, OPEN anytime, just walk in and grab a bucket!

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