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Fun at Splatters

Unique Corporate Team Building Events

   Splatters offers a unique team building environment that is guaranteed to break down barriers between staff members, reduce stress in the workplace, all while providing safe and memorable fun! It's a chance to leave behind the day-to-day stress and rejuvenate the spirit of adventure. Players learn to utilize teamwork, effective leadership, and communication skills to emerge victorious as each game progresses. Splatters can host groups of up to 125 players on the field at a time, with the option to host more if required. Corporate team building is maximized by using physical activity to unite co-workers on the Splatters Paintball fields, only 20 minutes south of Winnipeg Manitoba.

An article on the Ultimate Team Building Experience is available at

Why Paintballing at Splatters Works:

-Players are split into 2 or 4 teams (depending on group size), and must interact with all other players on their team to survive,
-Players gain self-confidence in challenging situations (courage in action),
-Players learn and improve communication skills without focusing on it,
-Players are physically active,
-Players cultivate new relationships with staff they may not interact with regularly in the workplace,
-Players see co-workers in a non-stress environment, and get to see what they are like outside the workplace,
-Referees enforce safety rules, allowing Management to get to know the employees without the baggage of being 'in charge',
-and Barriers are broken down between staff members by forcing players to think as a collective group.

   By relying on co-workers in a “staged” environment, players go on to utilize those teamwork skills on a variety of levels in the workplace. As a development tool, or as an appreciation tool, paintballing at Splatters works!

Food and Catering

   After your paintball experience, wind down around the firepits! Roasting sticks, complimentary firewood, and picnic tables are available, providing excellent facilities should you decide to bring food or hire catering. Water, pop, and snacks are available at the concession.

Catering companies we recommend:
   -Danny's Whole Hog BBQ

How to Get Started:

Details you will have to know before reserving:
   - Date of reservation,
   - Time you would like to start, and
   - Estimate of Total Players.


   We will respond to your reservation within 24 hours to confirm the date and time.

    If you have questions that you would like more detailed answers to, don't hesitate to check out the Contact Page for multiple ways of getting in touch with us. Don't hesitate to ask, we understand that paintball is a new and unknown activity for many businesses, and would love to give you a tour of the park before you make a reservation!

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