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Fun at Splatters

The Castle Field HAS EXPANDED!

   Great for up to 100 players at a time, looming over the 5 acres of walls from which defenders hide.

   Our signature field with a MASSIVE castle. The castle is 100' wide, and 50' deep, and has a full second story cat walk and third level turrets and dungeon! It can hold up to 40 players inside comfortably, and up to 60 attacking! The village surrounding the Castle is a great place for the attackers to regroup in, leaving the defenders with the tough objective of defending their mighty Castle!

   Field Setup: One team starts in the castle, the other starts either inside or between the two large sheds at the bottom-front of the picture above. Generally, the team inside the castle is not permitted to leave the castle for the first 5 minutes.

   Game Types: This field is designed for 2 large teams to attack and defend. It also works well to play with both teams starting at opposite ends outside the castle and fight for control of the castle.

   Paintball Tip: Never put your back to the opponent. Even when behind a bunker, inside a building, or talking to another teammate, keep your body facing the opponents so that your peripheral vision will help you when you least expect it!

   Winning Strategy Defending team in the castle: prevent the attackers from getting all the way around you and coming through the side doors. Attackers: work your way around to spread out, so the defenders cannot focus their firepower on a small area.

Fun at Splatters Invading the Castle

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